As with preceding iterations of your game, Madden 18 looks to be introducing the Ultimate Team Most Feared players once once more via the upcoming Halloween update. In this full Madden 18 Most Feared guide, we'll be going over everything you could expect as soon as the most Feared update sooner or later launches for the game, as well as our ideal guesses as to when the event will begin. 

But for those who alternatively require something else to accomplish with Madden 18(Madden Mobile Coins), like common ideas and tricks on this iteration of your sports sim, as well as each of the finest offensive and defensive playbooks within the game, head over to our Madden 18 guides walkthrough hub. 

Madden 18 MUT Most Feared Guide

EA recently told us that the MUT Most Feared Halloween update is set to begin really shortly for Madden 18, meaning you are able to most likely expect it to launch worldwide on either Thursday, October 18, or on Friday, October 19. The latter release date seems far more most likely, as it'd let the MUT Halloween event launch suitable when the weekend hits, letting the maximum volume of players jump on inside the action as soon as you possibly can. 

As for what the MUT 18 Halloween occasion will in fact contain, we must look back to previous events in earlier Madden games for some hints. The MUT Most Feared players is going to be arriving as quickly as the Halloween event fully kicks off, at which point lots of brand new player cards will be put into the game for players to collect. 

These new players are generally known as the 'Most Feared' variety, and will most likely come in both the Gold and Elite tiers, as they've done in earlier Madden games. In Madden 17 for instance, for those who collected all of the MUT Most Feared players collectively in a single set, you'd have the ability to earn yourself a 94 OVR Most Feared Brian Urlacher card, for use both during and after the Halloween occasion wrapped up. 

As for other MUT Most Feared players, back in Madden 17 you'd be able to gather numerous other Most Feared players as soon because the event started. As soon as you'd got your hands on these Most Feared players, there would be a very restricted time frame (October 29-31) during which Gold Most Feared players could be upgraded to 92 OVR, though Elite Most Feared would upgrade to a 95 OVR. This would only come about throughout those precise dates nevertheless, and afterwards, all the Most Feared players would decrease back to their original ratings, except for one of the most Feared Brian Urlacher card. 

Madden 18 MUT Most Feared Solo Challenges

Back in Madden 17 there had been MUT Coins Most Feared solo challenges, which you might take on at any time during the event in order to obtain specific rewards that could not be located anywhere else inside the game. These were the Trick or Treat, Creepy, and Horror solo challenges. 

We suspect that these Most Feared solo challenges will return in a distinctive type in Madden 18's Most Feared occasion, despite the fact that with a distinct volume of challenges, and distinct rewards. It really is entirely achievable that an upgraded Brian Urlacher card will return for the event, but we'll have to wait till the occasion launches to find out for certain.