EA Sports has released the Madden NFL 18 Update 1.04 for the game's console ports, which offers a lot of different changes to the game, both for the interest of quality of life or for fan-requested things, and bug fixes and mechanisms for modifying game settings for frustration In many different areas.

First of all, a lot of new features have been added both to the Madden Ultimate Team Mode and the Longshot story mode.  And the Longshot Game Rewind mode will allow players to replay scenes from the story mode, and these modes can not be done when launches.

Madden Ultimate Team has also gained some additional features, such as being able to play in the seasons, the additions of leaderboards, lineup restrictions, and official tournament rules as well, so you can now trigger videos by looking at MUT tiles.

In addition to the additions to the Madden Ultimate Team and the Longshot story mode, there are some other issues have also been resolved. For beginners, the various issues such as the players can not being able to be tackled once they’ve recovered a fumble, the receivers running an incorrect route when assigned to a bubble, the players will get faked out by ball carrier moves when controlled by the actual player, and more have also been fixed.

The game has also experienced a lot of different visual adjustments, such as adding many different types of face masks, cleats, and uniforms have also been added to the game.

And further, all kinds of gameplay adjustments, new chemistry abilities, etc. have also made their way into the game, so that players can be more versatile in games when playing games.

If you would like to know the rest of the various other adjustments that came in Madden NFL 18 Update 1.04, you can follow official link to check out the patch notes for the game.