Madden Ultimate Team would just be the biggest mode in Madden 18.  Upon the side of Madden 18 Ultimate Team, the normal team of the week updates has now begun to turn out to be a normal feature in the game. It is to thank to the NFL season of 2017 and 2018. Gamers require knowing how the features of MUT team of the week take place.  

Every week upon the Tuesday, it is just after the NFL weekend had finished with the Monday night game. There are players of twelve teams of the week upon the offensive and defensive sides of the ball to be launched into MUT mode of Madden 18. Gamer must then procure all twelve players on offense or defense to release the Team of the Week Master Player card. It is vitally upgraded from all the other Team of the Week Cards.  In the ultimate preseason week, it was Derek Carr that got the offensive Team of the Week Master card. It is indicating that gamer had to procure all twelve other Team of the Week players on offense. They are to place them into a single set, if a gamer liked to gain Derek Carr Card. The accurate thing had to be finished for the master player of defense that was Tyrann Mathieu. The coin is the in-game currency of gameplay of Madden 18 Ultimate Team. To find the early edge in the gameplay, gamer can avail Madden Mobile Coins online now. 

team of the Week Master Player card of Travis Kelce  

As some weeks passed of the NFL season, EA has launched a bunch of brand new Team of the Week cards into the pack rotation. Gamer can find these either cards in packs or finish the Team of the Week solo confrontation. Here, gamer is to be prized with two random player cards of Team of the Week.  Beginning with, gamer can find all the team of the week players upon the offensive side of the ball and their most important stats.  

Travis Kelce appears with 91 OVR (Master). His speed is 82, AWR is 86, and CTH is 87. At the same time, RTE is 86 and RBK is 82. Michael Crabtree is with 89 OVR. Crabtree carries 86 as SPD. His AWR is 88. CTH is 86 and RTE is 87. His RLS is 89. 

Jalston Fowler comes out with 87 OVR. Flower possesses 74 as SPD, 83 as AWR, 80 as RBK, and 80 as PBK. Jalston also comes with 82 as IMP. Ronald Leary comes out with 85 OVR. He also possesses 61 as SPD, 84 as AWR, 84 as STR, 84 as RBK and 85 as PBK. Trevor Siemian comes out with 83 OVR. At the same time, he possesses 71 as SDP, 80 as THP, 80 as TAS and 77 as TAM. Trevor Siemian also possesses 77 as TAD. Similarly, Benjamin Watson comes out with 81 OVR. Benjamin possesses 76 as SPD, 80 as AWR, 80 as CTH, 80 as RTE and 69 as RBK. The other players are J.J. Nelson, 78 OVR, Daniel Kilgore, 77 OVR, Chris Thompson, 76 OVR, Anthony Steen, 75 OVR and others. With cheap madden 18 coins online, gamers can start settling their essential needs in faster succession in comparable to other players in the gameplay of MUT 18.